Week 1: Course Introduction

Welcome to the Course Corporate Sustainability Management!

I want to extend a warm welcome to those of you who have decided to join me on this journey.

And it is a journey. As you will learn in class this week, this course was designed to follow a flipped-classroom approach. This may be the first time you experience a flipped-classroom course and you may feel a little unsure (or perhaps excited) about it. That’s perfectly OK. I’ve designed the course with that in mind.

To allow everyone some time to familiarize themselves, Week 1 will be dedicated to introducing the course, ourselves, and talk about some key ideas in sustainability. Mostly, I’m just interested in meeting you all this week, and getting to know you a little bit. During class, I will also walk you through the course and what we aim to do together

We will then have four weeks (Weeks 2 to 5) of introductory material to cover. During these weeks (as well as remaining weeks), you will be required to participate actively during class, which makes up 15% of your final grade. The weekly content provided on this site for Weeks 2 to 5 is quite in-depth, and we will deepen our learning through in-class activities. The purpose of these weeks is to provide you with a sufficient foundation of sustainability that will help you with your assignments and throughout the course. During these weeks, I will lead all the classes.

Groups for team work will be formed during Week 3.

Because this is a flipped-classroom, much depends on your active engagement during class. This requires your physical presence. Please note that absences will affect your participation grade.

Week 6 to 11 will demand more self-directed study and initiative on your part. That is part of the goal of a flipped-classroom design. Therefore, the content provided on the blog is less comprehensive. But, key information is provided to help you get started in the right direction. In addition, there will be lots of reference material provided for you to do further research.

During Week 6 to 11,  one of the six teams will lead a significant portion of the class (for 45 minutes). Don’t worry. I will be there to guide you in the prior weeks to ensure you know what to do. Please do make sure that you understand the instructions for these in-class team assignments, and if you have any questions at all, please approach myself, Giannina or Zsuzsa.

As well as having student-led portions in weeks 6 to 11, there will be instructor led portions. So apart from the team work, you will still need to engage as an individual. This means that as individuals, you will still be required to prepare extensively for class.

In the last week, Week 12, we will hold student presentations and a closing session.

In addition, you will also have to complete one individual assignments, an essay as well as a group presentation. There is no exam for this course.

For now, please familiarize yourself with the website, and make sure you can find everything you need.

I really can’t wait to start this course and look forward to meeting you. See you in class!

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