Week 10: Green governance, greenwashing and green marketing

Week 10 Overview and Learning Objectives

In an effort to become greener, more resource efficient and to improve their bottom line, businesses are increasingly looking towards sustainability initiatives as the solution.  These solutions naturally vary in effectiveness.  A number of initiatives may work, but many fail. Some achieve marginal results – where the efforts far exceed the benefits, while others are counterproductive, or they are hard to align with demanding business goals. Green governance acknowledges these complexities and is a method by which an organization’s transition towards sustainability can be systematically approached, assessed and managed.

We will examine some of the key frameworks that assist businesses with the management, implementation, and communication of effective sustainability actions throughout their operations. These frameworks emphasize a whole systems management approach towards corporate sustainability governance and accountability.

By the end of the seminar, you are expected to have an understanding for the need for corporate governance and the role in plays in directing companies towards a sustainable future. You should also be familiar with some of the main benefits of these frameworks, the role of sustainability reporting and transparency, and the value of these roles within companies.

Key Frameworks and Concepts

– Triple Bottom Line Framework
– Global Reporting Initiative (GRI)
– Sustainability Reporting 
– Evaluation of Sustainability Performance
– Green Marketing Strategies
– Reputation Management

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