Week 12: Future of business and sustainability

Week 13 Overview and Learning Objectives

Over the last 30 to 40,  it has become increasingly evident that enduring commercial success is linked to a commitment to sustainable development. To fully benefit from this association, businesses need to encapsulate it in a clear purpose. This purpose should be compatible with the Sustainable Development Goals and needs to shape the way the business is both designed and run, both now and into the future.

In this final seminar, we will examine some of the key global trends that have marked the need for sustainability management. Understanding these global trends enables our businesses to pro-actively prepare to meet the challenges that humanity has to meet as a whole. We will also be look into the concept and objectives of Vision 2050, as well as the priorities of Action 2020 which are to aid us in getting to Vision 2050.

Key Frameworks and Concepts

– Priority actions of Action 2020
– Vision 2050

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