Section 2.4: Major Global (Un)sustainability Trends

The rising levels of consumption and production as a result of growing global populations, longer life expectancy, and increased affluence have put increasing levels of stress upon the Earth’s natural resources, ecosystems, and their services.

There are a number of important environmental and social trends that will affect the future of the Earth and our human economy:

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– Human population growth
– Deforestation
– Species extinction and biodiversity loss
– Fresh water scarcity
– Decline of natural resources

These unsustainability trends are clearly disturbing. Because sustainability is such a complex issue, it is important to remember that these issues are not stand-alone problems. Rather, these trends are directly connected to a serious set of risks that we are facing in our world today. If you watch some of the movies and documentaries such as Years of Living Dangerously, or Before the Flood, it will become clear to you that issues such as climate change are directly connected to water and food crises, social instability, and many other things.

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