Week 4: Role of business in sustainability

Week 4 Overview and Learning Objectives

Corporate sustainability can be achieved by encouraging the adoption of business practices that align with global sustainable development goals. These goals recognize the interdependence between the economy, environment, and society, and aim to balance economic growth and profits, with environmental protection and social performance.

In this seminar, we will explore the initiatives and partnerships that support and empower businesses to address corporate sustainability within their organization. We will look at the guiding principles (CERES, UN Global Compact) of these structures, and explore how they influence positive sustainable change within businesses. In addition, we will also explore the types of opportunities these initiatives provide towards assisting the integration of sustainability into the corporate business strategy.

At the end of this lecture, you should have an understanding of how environmental worldview and ethics influence the adoption and integration of sustainability principles within business. You should also be familiar with principles of some of the key initiatives and partnerships that assist businesses align themselves with the sustainable development goals. Finally you should be able to develop an understanding of the opportunities and benefits these initiatives and partnerships provide to developing sustainability as an integral part of corporate business strategy

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