Week 7: Sustainable production frameworks

Week 7 Overview and Learning Objectives

Global production and consumption patterns have significantly contributed to climate change and the rapid depleting of precious resources. As populations and economies expand, an even greater strain is placed upon our already limited resources.  The UN Sustainable Development goals (Week 2 lecture: Section 2.6) recognizes the importance of this through Goal 12 which relates to the development and promotion of sustainable consumption and production patterns. 

The aim of sustainable manufacturing and production is to “do more, and better – with less”. It seeks to profitably produce goods while minimizing a firm’s environmental impact, natural resource use, and energy consumption.

This week’s content introduces the concept of sustainable production, and frames its importance through the analysis of three sustainable production frameworks and concepts . These frameworks and concepts assist businesses with seeing the greater value of longer term consequences and benefits brought by sustainable production, and preferencing them over short term profits.

Key Frameworks and Concepts

– Closed Loop Design and Production
– Product Life Extension

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